VJ Group Affiliation have no negative commission policy!

This means that even if you have negative sales at the end of the month, it will not be carried over to the next month!

We have the No.1 popular brand. Therefore, we promise a satisfactory commission amount based on high conversion & player retention rates!


  • Revenue Share

  • CPA

  • Hybrid

  • Sub Affiliate Program

Revenue Share

This is the basic commission plan for iGaming affiliates.
Every time a player you refer plays at the casino, you will get commission.

That means… you will continue to receive commissions more than once!


Multiply the revenue generated from referred players by the commission rate in the below table.

Revenue is defined as “player losses – withdrawal amounts, bonus amounts, license fees, gaming taxes, payment fees, jackpots, and other operating expenses.

  • Max commission rate is 50%

Of course, we offer higher commission rates to motivated and proven affiliates.

If the commission rate is 50%, the affiliate will get HALF of the revenue of casino!


The simplest commission plan which is generated when the referred player makes his/her first deposit.

It is a one-time reward plan that is earned whether the player wins or loses.


This is a commission plan that sets both revenue share and CPA.

We offer this plan to affiliates who are motivated and have a good performance record!

The commission rate and CPA amount will be set based on the number of referred players and the player value upon consultation with the affiliate.

Please contact us if you would like this plan!

Sub Affiliate Program

This is an Affiliate Referral Program.

When you refer other affiliates, you can receive up to 10% of the referred affiliate’s revenue as your own commission.

This will be your passive income!

We have no upper limit to the number of tiers in the VJ Group Affiliation!

What’s so special about VJ Group Affiliation?

It is a high commission that continues to grow!

The player value is high, so revenue will continue to grow.
That means affiliate commissions will also continue to grow!
In the long run, we are the affiliate program with the best commissions.

This is all thanks to the excellent operation team of Vera&John group casinos!

Thanks to the excellent operation team…

1. No.1 in brand recognition!

Vera&John group is more than 25 years in operation!
The team with expertise reaches out to players from multiple angles by utilizing various marketing channels.
That’s why Vera&John is the No.1 casino in the iGaming industry! And will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years!

2. High player value!

Vera&John group casinos have new campaigns and great offers every week.
Our carefully calculated communication grabs the hearts and minds of players and does not let go!
That’s why players love Vera&John group.

3. High player retention rate!

In addition to a wide variety of campaigns, we also offer an extensive line-up of games including many popular and exclusive games.
Even experienced players who have played at other casinos eventually return to the Vera&John group casinos!


That’s why we have the best commissions!

All of this is based on the trust we have earned by leading the market as the No. 1 brand in the industry!
Players keep loving the brandst, so revenue keep going up.
That’s why affiliate commissions will also continue to rise!

  • Earn more with VJ Group Affiliation!

VJ Group Affiliation has been operating for many years under the policy to be a partner to grow together.

The entire team will use all resource and knowledge to support affiliates to earn commissions!

We want to increase sales and thus commissions TOGETHER! If you are a motivated & wants to increase your commission, please feel free to contact us.